This is  a friendly reminder that we are having the Sunday night game nights at 6pm every sunday. Pic is very unrelated. -FiM Dashie

Okay, so maybe I'm no Saberspark, but I think we'd all like to see some fun livestreaming. Why not have it be more interactive, too? There's a lot of ways you can PAY to do that, but psh... who wants to pay for something you can do for free?

Anyways, there's a lot of fun to be had on the interwebs, pony-related and otherwise. Netflix movie marathons (though I'm not sure if that's 100% legal), Youtube browsings, all of the fun community stuff that you simply can't do on consoles, Skype chat included.

So, what if I could tell you that I found a way to do this for free? No, no gimmicks, just some good ol' Google-searching to procrastinate on a report due in 2 days. So, let's procrastinate some more! Livestreams, livestreams, livestreams! L

Unfortunately, none of the creators (Dashie, Pinkie, or Fluttershyy) have either PS3 or Wii. If there are any bronies out there who feel they are ready for the responsibilty of managing those branches and organizing community events and such, please message us via Gmail or facebook.

-Hello, everypony. This is MaillouxB here, to tell you all that I can actually cover Wii. PS3 is still open ground, so let us know if you want to add events or get some posts up!

I was wondering if everypony from XBox360 has liked our amazing xbox 360 fan page on facebook!? It is moderated by myself (FiM Dashie), Fluttershyy, and Pinkie. It's an easy way for us to communicate with the public about the clan and all things pony! 


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