As of Sunday today several members were ranked up stats show that members who show up tend to Rank up so thanks to the bronies who showed if you missed it we have game nights every Sunday at 6 EST 

Hello and happy new year to everypony we will be having a game night YAY. It will be sunday jan 27 leave a comment telling us what game is best game thanks for sticking with us through the holidays its been rough i know  

We are going to be having a game night on that above date you see up there, O-K DOH-K scouts? It'll start the usual time (6pm) Hope to see all you wonderful peeps there! (pic very related thank god for me going back and editing EVERY sentence guise) -FiM Dashie

Figured we should have a game night tomorrow, for 6pm Eastern. Hopefully y'all can make it! Also, enjoy the HD Applebot -Dashie

We will be having a game night this sunday at 6pm EST time, and will continue to have game nights Sunday night at this time for the next thousand years! I figured since we have had many members enlist/re-enlist that it was time to start some sort of structure. Pic semi-related. -Dashie

This contest is COMPLETELY optional! The person who has recruited the most bronies by January 15th will be awarded with 1600 Microsoft Points, and there will be honorable mentions for placing second, and third. This will be kept track of by the new "who recruited you?" option in the registration page. Recruitments will count starting December 22nd.

1st: 1600 Microsoft Points, and strong recommendation for MoTM, and two ranks up
2nd, 3rd: Honorable mentions and strong recommendation for MoTM, and rank up

Our friendly neighbourhood FiM WB Spitfire suggested to me to have a game night sometime this week, and I have been trying to push for a night a week. It gave me an incentive to make a post, and here we are! Anyway, it is going to be one big game night, not individual branches. This is a bit of a "get to know you" for our new members, and a "HEY! We're back on track guys!" for the old. I hope to be on all evening from about 3-4 Friday night, and I'll be mass messaging you all over Xbox as well. Hope to see you there! -Dashie

Hello everypony, MaillouxB here! I have a special proposition for ya. I haven't gotten Black Ops 2 quite yet, and as soon as I get on, the first thing I do will be to make one bada** Octavia emblem. I'm sure we all have our own emblems, so let's have a contest.
Then we'll know which is the best of the litter, the one which is awesome and cool. Can't settle for less 'cause you gotta be the best, so a contest we will see, what's the number one, greatest, perfect emblem in the world for me (To copy)! May the games begin, and may the best pe- I mean, uh, emblem, win!

Uh, so yeah. Random outburst of songs are always fun; but send in a pic of your emblem! Winner will get a rank up, and have their emblem posted on the front of the clan website indefinitely. Good Luck!

Send all emblems to fimx360clan@gmail.com

Too lazy to find a good picture. Anyways, game night tonight, 8:00 to whenever. Hopefully we'll be able to get some gameplay recorded.

Anyways, send a message to MaillouxB for a party invite! Halo, Black Ops, Minecraft, the whole 9 yards.

Also, the countdown to November 10th has officially started. So let's get excited!
Don't let the pic decieve you; it's time for some PC livestreaming! Stay tuned for the link!



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