Time for another Game Night! This time, XBox 360- Message Either FiM Pinkie or MaillouxB for invites!

Are you ready for this? BAM, Game night. Wait, I'm not done. You might want to sit down, if you need to. DOUBLE BAM. This Thursday. Going too fast? Awesome. Then you'll love this. TRIPLE BAM. From 3 to Whenever.

Message MaillouxB for invites. See you around.

Why do fedoras make everything look 20% coo- No, I'll restrain myself.

Anyways, tonight is one of my first Saturdays off in... well, too long, so it's time to celebrate! Reach, Black Ops and maybe a little Minecraft, depending on the crowd, and later on finishing up the night with some PC Gaming; "Hats, The Game," as I like to call it. So, get your energy drinks ready, because tonight, it's game time.


---Send Messages to MaillouxB for invites, and you can also send any PC friend requests to the same name. I'm hoping that these events will get recorded (Either by me or somepony else), so we can finally start decorating the clan's (rather bland) Youtube page.

Time for some good ol' fashion scare-the-crap-out-of-you-despite-playing-this-game-already gaming. This Saturday, hoping around 10:00 PM EST, MaillouxB will be livestreaming PC gameplay of Slender, Mari0, that version of QWOP with Twilight, Happy Wheels, and pretty much anything else we think of. Check back in for a link, and leave any game suggestions, including custom maps or online games, in the comments.

Hope to see you there!

Anyone able to help set up the livestream will  be greatly appreciated; just simple "Does this work?" testing to make sure everything is all set.
                                                                    E-mail MaillouxB@gmail.com if you're able.

I am so sorry for not organizing more events! It just seems that we, as a community, aren't entirely clicking. That's why Iv'e decided to let YOU, our loyal clan members, decide what we will play for our next clan event. It should be a game that you know the majority of our members have, but other than that , everything is free game. I will make sure that there are multiple lobbies open, so all the members interested can play. I will also make sure that if any member(s) doesn't have the game set to play, I will personally play a game of their choice with them. Hope to see everypony there! -Dashie


If you haven't noticed the new tab in Community Events, we're hoping to get a Black Ops tournament started soon! Get a team together and compete!

Edit: Looking for teammates? Ask in the comments!
Join us for Minecraft survival games on thursday, July 25th at 9 pm EST. Sign up in the comments with your team of 2, and we'll hope to see you there! If required, there will be multiple servers. -Dashie

Here's something different for you guys! Not only the first Trials: Evolution game, but the first one not started by staff (to my knowledge)! Time and date posted above (7/22 at 3:00), send messages for invites to IrishMagicZebra! Sadly, I won't be able to make it, but have a blast nonetheless!

Hi Everpony! Dashie here, just letting you know I am scheduling a Reach community game for the 21st at 3:00 pm EST, and I will most likely have a guest so I won't be on the the mic. Hope to see you there!

Join us for Black Ops Gaming! Tonight at 9:00, message MaillouxB or FiM Fluttershyy for invites! (XBox Live)

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