Our friendly neighbourhood FiM WB Spitfire suggested to me to have a game night sometime this week, and I have been trying to push for a night a week. It gave me an incentive to make a post, and here we are! Anyway, it is going to be one big game night, not individual branches. This is a bit of a "get to know you" for our new members, and a "HEY! We're back on track guys!" for the old. I hope to be on all evening from about 3-4 Friday night, and I'll be mass messaging you all over Xbox as well. Hope to see you there! -Dashie

11/21/2012 05:38:10 am

starting from 3-4, dont worry I wouldnt abandon you guys so quickly! ;)

11/21/2012 11:41:47 am


Kronos Frostwind
11/27/2012 11:35:16 am

Sounds like a blast


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